I was always called “big man,” or “big bro.” With names like those, there are too many negative stereotypes associated with those nicknames. There is always an assumption that you aren’t strong as smaller people. There are assumptions that you can’t jump as high as smaller people. There are assumptions that you aren’t as fast as smaller people. At times, I was the last one picked to play. I remember one instance, where I was picked last to play. To be honest, I was insulted. As a teenager, we often pride ourselves in trying to be athletic. But, that day I made it a point to play my hardest. I laughed to myself because I knew they would lose (especially when the females were watching.)  I made sure that they said “Big man is a beast.” And that “big man got handles.” That instance occurred years ago and it’s a shame that I still receive some of those negative stereotypes to this day. Especially, when I enter the local park or gym to work out. I get a lot of suggestions from “trainers,” because of my size. I am told what my body should look like. It’s my body, shouldn’t I have some type of say so in the matter? I am the one that has to deal with all 324 pounds of me. Still, many are surprised by what I can do at my weight. But, I refuse to let those stereotypes be a hindrance in my life.

Writer and blogger Chardline rounded up seven people who shut down body stereotypes on On The Plus Side and I was fortunate enough to be included. It’s your life and you probably won’t make it out alive! Go had and embrace your body! Just because someone is big, it doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy.  Please take some time to read the article below!

7 People Who Shut Down Fit Body Stereotypes

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