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ASOS now carries clothes for taller men!

ASOS now carries clothing for the big and tall, brawn and plus males. We now have another outlet, which is great! I am jumping ahead again. I heard that ASOS had some great menswear, but some of the sizes that were available when I researched them, would definitely not fit me. So, I went to sleep early last night. I had a very long weekend and I was trying to catch all the sleep that I missed. When I got up this morning, I noticed that the topic of conversation was ASOS. I wasn’t aware that that ASOS launched their clothes for big and tall men.

I had to do an investigation! I had to look at the clothes, too many times we have heard of a launch for big and tall men’s clothes and the clothes did not live up to the expectations. Usually, the clothes a boring and dull, but that isn’t the case with ASOS! I was actually impressed with the effort. A lot of the clothes I could see myself in. They are clothes that my grandfather wouldn’t wear! The clothing sizes actually go to a 4XL which is music to my ears. I hate to use the word “trendy,” but ASOS is making a very strong bid to be in fashion conversations for men of size. I am going to purchase some of the brands clothes, then I will provide a review.


ASOS big and tall

To see more of the click the link here: Asos Big And Tall

I enjoyed the collection, to be truthful I am excited! Let us know what you think about the designs. I am definitely curious to your opinions. What do you think? Please leave a comment or email us what you