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How To Bulk Up In The Winter

The Gentlemen’s Curb is a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. For those that are trying to “bulk up,” we have some tips for you. Bulking is often the most important winter fitness goal for those who hope to build and retain muscle mass. ‘Bulking’ is a casual term for the act of eating at a calorie excess while lifting weights or being involved in a heavy training program. The idea is that eating more will allow a person to grow in response to a stimulus. This is scientifically true. Many men and women alike will spend their time in winter bulking (when they are able to wear thick layers and no longer have to keep their physique on the show) while then ‘cutting’ (the opposite of this process) in the spring and summer months.


There are two ways to go about this bulking process. If you fail to go this the right way, you have a heavy chance of putting on excess weight in fat. While being heavy and large is intended if you hope to grow your muscularity, and everyone has their own body type, eating over the odds will only making your spring ‘cut’ more difficult to achieve.


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Here are some healthy bulking tips for your perusal:


Eat 500+ Calories In Excess


Many people take their bulking period as a time of excess. Eating plenty of foods and nutritionally dense ones at that will be good for your overall positivity, but it can hurt your wallet and gut. A good way to keep on track is to find your caloric maintenance daily. You can find this by using online calculators. Then, eat only 500 calories above this every day. You will be receiving enough food to grow with this, but not enough to put on too much weight proportional to your muscular demand.


To achieve this and get your daily 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight as recommended, you will need to supplement. Check out Sportsfuel Supplements clean whey protein, as this clean variant is low in sugars, unnecessary calories and also comes packed with BCAA’s, perfect for retaining muscular health and aiding fat loss. Try to eat plenty of ‘clean’ food such as complex carbs, proteins like chicken breasts or lentils, as opposed to junk food to gain calories quickly.


Intermittent Fasting


Another great way to regulate your weight involves using intermittent fasting. If you’re able to, making use of this should help you avoid putting on fat at all, as it works in same way ketosis does. This means it allows your carbohydrates to switch to fat as a primary fuel source. Intermittent fasting has also been proven to extend lifespans dramatically in tested lab rats, but the human tests are not available yet of course. For eight hour a day, you fit in all of your caloric requirements, in an effort to fast for the remaining sixteen. This begins a process called cell detoxification, as your body is no longer concerned with digesting food it becomes able to clean up various toxins and other difficulties the cells might experience. This will also keep you trim, even when putting on muscle like the hero you are.


With these simple two methods, you’re sure to experience a successful winter bulk.


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