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We have all been taught that looking good and feeling good necessarily costs you money. That you should be wearing designer clothes, changing them every season and spending a fortune on the basics. You should be buying out of season, high-end ingredients and using expensive protein shakes to build up.


We also know that none of this is true.


Looking good and feeling good doesn’t need to be expensive and there are a few ways that you can curb your costs and still have everything you need. If you are struggling with credit card debts, start with the best balance transfer credit card to ease off the interest and then set to on saving money and paying the whole debt off.


Here’s what you need to do:

Quit the Gym

Let’s face it – you didn’t really like the gym anyway and there are so many opportunities to get outside and do a great work out that spending money on it each month seems daft. Exercising for free doesn’t have to mean that you go solo all the time. Set up a running club or find a team sport you can join in with for free.


Parks are great spaces for running, creating your own interval training exercises and even designing your own personal boot camp training strategy. Get a group of guys together and you could make this outdoor gym a social thing too. There’s plenty available to you when you start looking!

Buy Fresh and Freeze

If you want to eat fresh all the time but it’s costing a fortune, then the best advice you can get is to buy and cook in bulk, then freeze batches at a time. Essentially, you are creating a whole bunch of ready meals that are perfectly balanced, healthy and delicious.


Frozen has always been a good money-saving tip, but it is also great for your health. You might think that fresh fruits and veggies are better for you but frozen fruit and veg is usually blanched and frozen within hours of picking, locking nutrients in.

Choose Classics You Can Wear Again and Again

Is fashion all about changing and reimagining – right? Sure, but there are also some classics that will last you for years and are well worth your investment. For example, a really great pair of jeans that fit you perfectly is always worth spending a little extra on because they will last well and weather all sorts of different fashion phases that come and go.


Equally, though, it is easy to accidentally over-spend on the basics when you could find the same thing but cheaper elsewhere. Sometimes the best value isn’t the designer label, it is the clothes that will last well, make you feel good and leave you with a little extra money to spend on something else.


However tempting it might be to spend your way to a healthy and happy lifestyle, we all know that deep down, what we really want is a good social life, a sensible diet and a sense of fulfilment. Give yourself the chance to have it all by curbing your costs and saving for the big stuff.