brawn, brawn blogger, big and tall, big and tall blogger, plus male, plus male blogger
brawn blogger, big and tall blogger, plus male blogger

A few of King Size Directs offerings. King Size Direct has something for every man of size.

Is There A Stop Shop For Men Of Size?

There are few clothing outlets for men of size. There can be some difficulty for a man who is big and tall, big and tall, brawn or plus size to find quality and fashionable clothing. Usually, men of size have to piece together our clothing. We have to go from store to store, website to website. The process of shopping can be annoying and frustrating. Yes, there are times where I want to find clothing and piece them together, but there are many instances where I am just not in the mood to shop around.

Enter: King Size Direct

I first came across King Size Direct, I was impressed. There were so many offerings for every aspect of life for a man of size. King Size Direct offers everything from athletic wear to pajamas. King Size even offers pajamas! Who would have thought that “onesies” were made for us? King Size has us covered. What I was most impressed with is the jewelry and fashion accessories for men that are available on the website. In many cases, my wrists are too large and some bracelets and watches do not fit. King Size Direct has an answer.

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A watch that can actually fit you!


The jewelry that King Size offers sets the brand apart from many other big and tall brands. If the watch that is offered isn’t enough, make sure that you check out the rings that are carried as well. The brush stoned ring is a solid accessory to add to your collection.

big and tall blogger, plus male blogger, brawn blogger, brawn, big and tall, plus male

King Size Direct.

brawn, brawn blogger, big and tall, big and tall blogger, plus male, plus male blogger

I couldn’t sit here and write all of the offerings of King Size Direct, but I strongly suggest that you check out all of their offerings. I am certain that you will find something that fits your aesthetic.  Don’t ever feel because you are a man of size that you are limited in expressing yourself through fashion. This is one company that keeps men of size in mind. Leave your comments and opinions below. Or you can email us Until next time.