Kavah KIng

So, I came across an advertisement that the company would send clothing to my house designed for me. I thought that the idea was great and I couldn’t wait to be apart of the movement. I wouldn’t have to stand on long lines in shopping malls. I wouldn’t have to worry about receiving the wrong fit from a company if I ordered the clothing online. I could be fashionable all while waiting for a package from the comfort of my home!


I jumped at the opportunity. I went to the site, I placed my measurement in the database and eagerly anticipated the arrival of my package. A few days later I received the package, but the way the clothes wasn’t what I expected. I ordered my size, but the shirt fit me like a crop top and the pants were too snug. I am 316 pounds, I can’t be seen in pants that are too snug.


I like the idea of clothes being sent to me to wear, but I wanted something that reflected me. I wanted clothing that would not only accommodate me, but give me the look and feel that I needed. After some searching I came across Wes Riddick of www.maximustrax.com Wes does style packages for larger men. I was skeptical at first, I decided to contact Wes . I received a questionnaire to receive a package that catered to my personal preference!


I was asked about what colors I liked and the colors that I disliked. Even after the customization aspect of www.maximustrax.com I was still a bit hesitant. A lot of times clothes “made” for big and tall men look bad. It’s like many designers want us to look like clowns. However, these clothes aren’t dreadful or gloomy, the colors are lively and vibrant. I identified with Wes Riddick, because we share the same struggles in terms of being fashionable and being men of size. The clothes that Maximus Trax provides aren’t lame at all. They are vivid and vibrant and very fashionable.


My favorite part is that Wes Riddick’s company Maximus Trax provides socks! Do you know how difficult it is to find socks that fit? I wear a size 15 shoe, so usually socks are found in a size 13. However, Riddick’s socks can fit up to a size 17. I love the consideration and thought process behind  this brand. Make sure that you contact Wes and organize clothing that is fashion forward and most importantly: comfortable.  A brand for the bigger man!  Thanks for stopping by the Gentlemen’s Curb, where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way.  Make sure you leave some feedback and let us know what you think!