First Date? How To Make A Great First Impression

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We are back! As Sunday comes to a close, I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. In my case, it feels like I need a weekend from the weekend. I had an absolute ball though. I am sure that I am going to do it again very soon.

First Date? How To Make A Great First Impression!

First impressions count and this is never truer than when going on a first date! If you are a little bit smitten with someone, you don’t want to ruin things at the first hurdle by arranging a first date which lacks luster. Aim to impress big style by avoiding the cliche of a trip to the cinema followed by dinner. If you have the task of organizing the date, planning is key. Try to arrange something a little different, but not too “out there”! Pay attention to your appearance too, as first impressions really do matter!

The perfect first date needs a focus, otherwise, you may suffer from long embarrassing silences if the conversation doesn’t flow as well as would like. Get some tips on the best way to chat, some people are great at small talk others really struggle. Choose a date which involves some kind of activity, but also gives plenty of time to talk. Also, it’s useful to have a little background information on what your date is into. Do they love being outdoors or are they happier in an inside venue such as bowling?  

Go Bowling

Bowling is a traditional choice for a first date, but it works! Bowling removes the pressure of intense conversation by providing a focus, it’s fun and has a competitive element. Bowling is an excellent icebreaker and lowers the chance of embarrassing silences. If all goes well you could move on somewhere for a burger and a few beers.

Plan A Picnic

A walk in the countryside followed by a picnic is the ideal date in the summer. You will have lots of opportunities to get to know each other without interruption and shows that you have made an effort. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, a force nine gale won’t conjure up the effect you are hoping for! Pack a basket full of lovely food and drinks and don’t forget glasses and a rug.

Watch A Band

Everyone is interested in music and watching a band will provide a good conversation focus. Have a look to see who’s playing in your local area. Music provides atmosphere and is fun if you find the music is too loud to chat you could always move on somewhere quieter.

Go For Dinner

Sometimes the classic option is the best, booking a table at a restaurant may sound a little boring, but it’s a great way to spend time together. Either choose a restaurant which you know has a good reputation or go somewhere new that neither of you has visited before. If the date goes well dinner is a great option, however, if you are a little unsure on your compatibility you may be better choosing a date which involves an activity like bowling.

Wherever you choose to try to relax and enjoy yourselves. Avoid complicated arrangements that may leave you feeling nervous and let the conversation flow. By the end of the date, you will both know whether you wish to see each other again. If you find that you are not compatible, don’t worry about it! At least you will have had to find out.


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