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The Gentlemen’s Curb is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion and fitness in a BIG way. We offer many styles, brands and fitness options to men and women of size. Most of us have made a resolution to lose some weight or create healthier habits. Most of us just want to trim a little bit of fat and simply become healthy.

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Most of us that set the goal to exercise is about actually being healthy, it’s not all about having those chiseled abs, and looking great on a Saturday night. There’s nothing wrong with that, but remember, the big thing when it comes to getting yourself beach ready, chiseled, or you just want to lose some weight; is that it’s all about that one word, exercise. But remember the other word, dedication. Unfortunately, it’s not just about getting to the gym and you’re good to go, it’s about picking the best exercise routine for your body. This can vary, for us “plus” people (or hard gainers), that need a lot more muscle work, but the bigger built among us need a combination of cardio and weights to see the benefits. But it’s not just about weights and cardio anymore; it’s about the fitness trends that you can fit in with a busy life. So, what are the fundamentals of getting a good quality work out session with such a busy life, and what are the fitness regimes that are in right now? We put together some options for you! (Know for sure, that I will try these myself.)


High-intensity interval training is still all the rage after all these years. And primarily this is because you can do a proper work out with the benefits in, supposedly, half the time. (You can also try to do these exercises at small intervals too. ) This is why there have been plenty of high-intensity program doing so well, Insanity being a popular one. And the results of insanity have inspired so many people to do the workout, primarily because you can do it at home if you want. So, with gyms jumping on the bandwagon, as well as variations on the intense approach to exercise, there will be a big call for it because people are so busy. With something like Tabata sprints, you can get an effective workout in the space of 20 minutes.


Wearable Tech

We are obsessed with getting the perfect workout, right down to the smallest digits, so smartwatches, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers like Fitbit have never been more popular. But as well as the tech side, with apps and the like, the clothing providers have upped their game to make your workout more effective. Services like Asics’ Running Lab work on analyzing how you walk and run, so you are picking the most effective footwear for your foot shape. But you don’t even have to love the most sophisticated of wearable tech to feel the benefit, SockwellSocks provide therapeutic socks such as graduated compression socks that help how to promote circulation in your legs. But if you’re looking for a combination of tech and comfort, the X Yoga Pants delivers feedback in the form of vibrations to encourage the wearer in proper form and body alignment.

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Kavah King,

Strength Training

There is a big focus on functional fitness now, and there have been many workout regimes such as the 5 x 5 program which focuses on the fundamentals like squats, bent over rows, and other key strength moves, shows that the importance of strength is much more now than a set of superficial muscles. Lots of people make the mistake of going training in the gym every single day, but they don’t have the strength to show for it, which is the goal at the end of the day. So strength training has been fundamental since the very beginning of the exercise, and it’s still the best way to get fit functionally. Strength training, in conjunction with resistance training, shows the biggest gains in muscle. And there are products now, such as the X3 bar, which combines the two. And for a product like the X3 bar, which promises three times the muscle gain, it’s one of those items that appeal to people who don’t have the time to go to the gym. But regardless of the method in which you do it, strength training is a fundamental base level of fitness that we all need to be healthy.


Bodyweight Training

As money is tight for most people, naturally people look for ways to get fit on a budget, and body weight training is something that has come back in popularity in recent years. For those that are doing army fitness tests, for example, the guidance is to use your body to get fit for the various bleep tests and basic training. In fact, your body is a very good resistance tool, and the idea of the old-fashioned exercises being the best for you still rings true. That means push-ups, squats, planks, and lunges, in combination with a rigorous cardio regime gives you an excellent base level of fitness, which makes it ideal for any person starting out.


Group Training

The one great thing about group training in comparison to working out on your own is the motivation aspects. With classes like CrossFit in rude health, and the fact that you are all working out together, lifting the same items, regardless of your size, it’s naturally going to push you a bit more. And while CrossFit has many detractors, because of the debate about poor form, some people are trying to address this balance and make CrossFit a motivating workout that doesn’t debilitate you in the end! In addition to the fitness aspect, the social benefits are many. So you can get a good workout and make some new friends while you’re at it! And by signing up for a regular class, you are giving yourself a little bit of commitment to your workout regime, especially if you pay in advance.

Yes, working out when you are too busy to do it can be a problem, but whether you have the gym near you’re not, there are regimes you can take part in that’ll give you a good workout. And as far as the trendy workouts are concerned, as you can see, these are ones facts have been all the rage for quite some time. Why is this? Because they are still effective. Old fashioned bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, strength training, they all have a purpose in the modern exercise world.