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The Gentlemen’s Curb

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The 242nd birthday of the country we all call home is coming up soon. With less than a month to go, a lot of people already have some ideas of how they’re going to spend it. If you’re one of the many looking to invite friends and family and to enjoy the festivities as a chance to celebrate with those close to you. Well, here a few ideas to help the day go with just the right amount of patriotic fun and traditional flair.

Start the day right

There are plenty of ways to get yourself in the mood, just in case you’re not feeling like throwing a party. The Fourth has its share of hop-along traditions. One of the most enjoyable is visiting your local MLB arena and rooting for the home team at a ballgame. If you want to keep the day all freed up, however, then think about going out for a concert on the night before. Third of July concerts are always a big deal every year and your chance to enjoy some local music, see whichever star’s in the arena near you, or simply to go hear a band play some good old-fashioned American music.

Set the stage

It’s already getting into a pretty hot summer and most meteorologists are predicting that the heat is going to be a mainstay throughout July, as well. That means that most of us are likely going to be planning our parties for the outdoors. With that in mind, make sure whatever outdoor space you go, whether garden, balcony, or nearby park, is comfy for you and all your guests. If you don’t have the right amount of outdoor furniture, it might be worth investing in simple plastic garden seats. There are plenty of festive décor ideas that can help you really the setting to the occasion, as well. How much you decide to use depends on just how much red, white, and blue you want to see as you can get just about any kind of decoration with a patriotic tint this time of year.

Feed the crowd

Start thinking about how everyone is going to eat because it’s not really a party without some food. If you live near the park, you might decide to join dozens upon dozens of other families enjoying a light picnic. If you’re hosting it at home, however, then a BBQ is the best way to satisfy just about anyone. Stock up on some vegan options and make sure you don’t choose bread alone as a side for those on a ketogenic diet. Put together a shopping list of ingredients in advance so you can convince guests to contribute some food.

Join the festivities

The Fourth of July celebrations is hard to avoid in most towns or cities. You might be organizing a private party, but everyone can get in the spirit of things by seeing the more public displays, first of all. As CBS Local shows, there are parades just about everywhere, complete with floats, marching bands, cheerleaders, and more. Think about getting out early to the parade so you can enjoy the best of the show before you move the party back to your place, or wherever else you want to throw it. Of course, only do this if it’s easy to commute. You don’t want to throw a lot of driving in the middle of your celebrations. It’s a good idea to get the party spirit in full effect, however, so joining the broader celebrations if at least for a little bit can get everyone in the right mood.

Have some cool drinks ready

A little libation goes a long way to help a party along. Rather than a cooler full of beers or the other usual provisions, you can add a little more timeliness to your drinks. Mix that Drink shows off some colorful cocktails helping you keep the day’s celebrations in theme with the holiday. There are plenty of non-alcoholic “mocktails” and soft drinks for those who don’t like to drink and if you happen to be inviting anyone’s kids to the party, too, of course. Some of them have interesting ties to the history of the country that can add a little entertainment or trivia value as you serve them, too.

Put on a show

There’s nothing we love to do to celebrate the Fourth of July that to set things alight and make them explode. If you have the space for it (and it’s not going to cause any trouble), then a bonfire can serve as the perfect hub area for the party, adding a festive warm glow to everything as the night goes on and gets cooler. You can’t have the Fourth of July without fireworks, either. There’s likely going to be a display on in your area but not everyone can or wants to make the trip, so Fire Bros. Fireworks can keep you in supply. Adding in some sparklers can let your guests get involved instead of just being spectators to the sight, too.

Get out and dance

As the evening goes on, you and some of the party crew might feel like mixing it up and enjoying a night out with the others in town. There are few better times for clubbing and dancing. Almost everyone is going to be in a good mood after a day of celebrating and several places are offering free entry or discounted drinks. There are plenty of special parties going on, too, whether it’s on rooftop bars offering a view of the city’s fireworks or the boat tour parties that take place just about everywhere that has a river. Of course, you’re welcome to keep it low-key and keep things going home, but it’s good to know you have options.

Showing love for the home is something everyone can behind, no matter where they come from. Regardless of how troubled the country can seem, sometimes, it brought us, our families, and friends together, and that alone is worth celebrating the right way.