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Not everyone can cook. But that’s okay. For some reason, so many of us are convinced that you have to be some sort of Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen to be able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. While you might not be able to whip up a five-course meal with ingredients nobody really knows how to pronounce correctly, you can easily ensure that you get all of your necessary vitamins, minerals, and other forms of essential nutrition into your diet. Here are a few simple ways to go about it.


Kick Meat to the Curb


First things first, it’s a good idea to ditch meat from your diet. Why? Well, believe it or not, various studies have proven that meat (red meat in particular) can have a whole host of detrimental effects on our overall health and wellbeing. What’s more? While you may think that meat is healthy, the majority of us tend to opt for cuts that are fatty or cheaper options such as burgers, nuggets, and meat slices that are often made from reformed meats and the cold cuts that hold little nutritional value. Besides the negative health complications caused by meat consumption, taking on a vegetarian or vegan diet also makes you think a lot more about what you’re putting into your body. Fast food chains and take aways tend to have little to satisfy a veggie’s needs, so you’re more likely to keep them at bay. You will also have to read up a little more on what your body requires to gain sufficient levels of protein. This will expand your knowledge regarding nutrition and healthy living, which you can then implement into every meal you cook up.


Try a Different Type of Food Delivery


Takeaways are a complete health hazard. Sure, one here and there will be fine. But if you find yourself regularly chowing down on these meal options, you’re likely to experience issues with obesity, bad skin, and nutritional deficiency. So, what’s a person to do if they have little time on their hands for cooking themselves? Well, there’s a healthy alternative: Meal Delivery. Specialist companies use gourmet chefs to cook up high quality, nutritious, and delicious meals that can be brought right to your doorstep. So, no more excuses!

Learn How to Make Soups and Stews

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If you’re a novice in the kitchen, try learning how to make a few basic soups and stews. These are some of the simplest culinary ventures out there. They can also be made in bulk and frozen to be eaten later in smaller portions. But the best part? Soups and stews can be absolutely packed with a whole variety of vegetables, making them one of the most filling, hearty, and healthy options that you can get. So, start looking up a few simple recipes. Tomato, butternut squash, and carrot soups have very few ingredients and steps in the cooking process but are greatly rewarding once they’re done.


So, no matter how incompetent you may think you are when it comes to cooking, you can still ensure that you get everything you need in your diet.