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With S.O.S. Denim
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The Gentlemen Curb

It’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. It’s been a while since we spoke, well more like a couple of days. But, it seems like forever! Make sure that you subscribe to the site so that we stay connected. You can email us too We have some information for you, especially if you looking to purchase a car for your teenager.

How To Know When Your Child Is Ready For Their First Car

There’s ultimately going to come a time in every parent’s life when their child reaches the legal driving age and shows an interest in driving, and as much as we’d love to be able to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool and safe from the dangers of the world – and especially the dangers of the road, it’s just not always going to be realistic to make this happen and at some point we have to be able to trust them and understand that they might actually know how to look after themselves and that perhaps that they do know what’s best for them more than we do.


Yes, this is tough, but this is just one of the many parenting challenges we’re going to face throughout the years, so we can either bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening, or we can embrace it and communicate with our kids so that they’re armed with the best support and information to allow them to make the right decision for themselves.


Of course, the very first thing they’ll need to have is the legal permission to drive in the form of a permit and later a license. Depending on where you live, the legal driving age will be different and so you’ll have to look into this and then see what the necessary requirements are for learning. You can discuss this with your child and see if they’re ready to learn and if so, then start looking into good schools and instructors in your area. The driving test is typically split into multiple parts that involve theory and practical and will include some kind of written test, which you can find some tips here on to see if they’re able to study this and get them familiar with the testing and overall experience of driving.


The next stage once you know that they’re of legal age and are ready to spend time and energy to complete the tests is to actually make sure they’re emotionally ready for the responsibility that comes with being on the road with a car and actually driving, so in this post we’re going to share with you some things to consider when trying to know if your child is ready for their first car or not.


They Have Good Judgment:


Being able to use good judgment is such an important of driving, but also in being a responsible adult, and often teenagers don’t really have the best sense of judgement. This doesn’t mean they’re not ready to drive, but that they need to understand why having a good sense of judgement is going to be good and helpful for them when driving.


They’re Able To Listen And Follow Rules:


Let’s be honest, teenagers aren’t typically known to be lovers of rules, and whilst we can’t exactly blame them for this – since we were likely the same way, it’s incredibly important that if they’re planning to get behind the wheel of a car that they, not only understand how important the rules are for their safety and the safety of others, but that they also follow those rules and respect them. If they’re not able to do this and are constantly breaking rules for whatever reason, then they’re possibly not ready for a car just yet.


They Act Responsibly And Don’t Bend To Peer Pressure:


Another thing that’s likely to be a big problem for younger adults and especially teenagers is dealing with peer pressure. Now, of course not all teenagers will bend to this, but whilst there are different areas of life that peer pressure might be a bit understandable and even tolerable as a part of growing up, driving is not one of those areas due to the extreme dangers. So, if you know that your child is moving in friend circles where he or she is dealing with pressure from friends to act in a certain way or do things to fit in, then you may want to have a conversation with them about this and even lay down some ground rules before letting them get behind the wheel since it’s simply not worth it.


They’re Able To Afford The Upkeep:


Cars are not the cheapest things on the planet, and even if you’re able and willing to buy them the car and help them with the cost of that, they’re going to have to understand that the costs of running a car don’t just magically get taken care of, and they should be able to take some of the financial responsibility for this.