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The Gentlemen’s Curb

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How To Nail Wedding Style Like A Gentleman

It’s wedding season, and while that might be great news for some of you – for others, it can lead to a sense of dread. How should you dress? Do you have to wear a tie? These are just some of the questions that will be entering your mind. A wedding is a great excuse to celebrate and have some fun, so help yourself to embrace it by tackling your outfit woes.

Take a look at these top tips for nailing wedding style like a gentleman.

Always wear a suit

Whether you’re attending a church wedding, a wedding at a beach or a swanky hotel – you should always wear a suit to a wedding. Weddings are formal occasions, and you’d be doing the day a disservice by turning up in jeans or something you’d wear for a night out. Investing in a good suit will mean that you have something to wear to weddings, as well as for job interviews and other occasions. You’ll find plenty of ideas on what to wear for a wedding online to give you some ideas.

Mix and match your accessories

Having one wedding suit doesn’t mean that you have to be tied to a single wedding look – it’s the accessories that make things more interesting. By investing in different shirts, a mix of ties and black bow tie styles, shoes and other simple accessories – you can change your look up each time. Over time, you can add more suits to your wardrobe, but for now, focus on getting a mix of accessories instead.

Ensure the look is pristine from head to toe

Choosing your outfit is one thing, but you need to ensure the look is pristine from head to toe to ensure true gentleman style. Start with a groomed hairstyle and facial hair that’s under control to ensure classic style worthy of a wedding. Nothing looks better than a tailored suit, so make sure yours fits like a glove to avoid looking like a little boy who’s borrowed his father’s suit. Take your suit to the dry cleaners after each wedding to keep it in good condition, and remember to inspect it for any tears or holes and to ensure that all of the buttons are still in place. Meanwhile, choosing the right footwear can really offset your look. You should always own some smart or dress shoes ready for weddings, helping to ensure that your footwear doesn’t let the rest of your look down. Keep your dress shoes for best and learn how to shine your shoes like a soldier to keep them looking their best.

Add an accessory

Want to up the style stakes? Then why not add some accessories to your wedding guest look to help you stand out and show off your unique style? A hat is a classic choice for a wedding, so if you’ve got a great hat in mind that will complement the rest of your look – then you should go for it. Pocket squares offer a gentlemanly touch, while a pocket watch, tie pin, and cufflinks offer a bit of bling if you want to add some jewelry to your outfit.

Simple tips to nail the look

If you remember nothing else about nailing wedding style like a gentleman, take these simple tips away with you:


  • Invest in a quality suit that you can wear over and over again
  • Get to the tailor’s to ensure the best fit
  • Don’t be afraid to try different looks with the same suit
  • Shiny shoes are stylish shoes
  • Don’t neglect your grooming routine
  • Add accessories to put your stamp on wedding style.


You can find plenty of great wedding outfit inspiration on places like Pinterest and Instagram to help you get a better feel for what’s on-trend and what you need to wear. “The gentlemanly” style looks great on all shapes, sizes, and ages, so you can stand out in a suit if you’re an XL or an XS – it doesn’t matter. While you shouldn’t choose clothes that are uncomfortable or restrictive, a suit is a way to go if you want to show off your sharp style and nail that wedding guest look.


Finding your wedding guest style can take time, but it will be worth it to see your look come together. Have fun trying on different types of suits and get your friends or partner involved to share some of the fun. Weddings offer a chance to dress up that you wouldn’t normally get, so make the most of the opportunity and embrace that classic gentleman style.