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Why is gift shopping so difficult when you’re trying to buy something for a male friend? You might buy little gifts and presents for Mom or your girlfriend every few weeks, but guys are different. When was the last time you received a gift from a mate? Can’t remember? Chances are you can’t remember what you got either because it didn’t make that much of an impact. If flowers and candies are strictly for the ladies in your life, then why not try some of these options next time you have to pick something up for a friend:


Music To His Ears


If your male friend loves music, then it’s time you did a little research. You probably already have a good idea what his musical tastes are. Now you need to find that rare release. Vinyl will always feel that little bit special, especially when compared to a digital download. If you get stuck, go with the CD. Look for a signed cover or a limited release artwork. Collectors’ items are always worth the investment. You’re bound to be remembered for this gift choice.


Gadgets And Gizmos


Most men love their tech, and a gift that looks high-tech could be perfect when you’re stuck for ideas. They can be novelty items, or genuinely useful. What a man doesn’t need is another mini fridge stowed under his desk? Then, of course, is the app-controlled drone, or the fish-eye lens for his phone. If you’re worried about getting the wrong thing, then why not get him something that protects the tech he already has? Ruggedized cases for tablets and phones will always be welcome accessories.

Those Habits


Most of us have the odd habit or guilty pleasure. Perhaps you’re looking to get him yet another chillum, or you’ve spotted some customizable shot glasses? If the man loves a particular candy bar, why not get him one of those miniature vending machines that can spew out an endless supply of them? Of course, you could always cook him a meal! Whatever he enjoys, go ahead and celebrate that. That’s what gifts are about, after all.


Vouchers? Really?


Let’s face it – buying fashion for a friend might not go down too well. But you could hand over some vouchers from the retailer he shops at most. Vouchers are a great way to avoid making mistakes. They don’t have to be impersonal though. Perhaps there is a store he always checks out but never buys. Convince him to make that purchase with a voucher. Don’t forget, niche stores like comic book stores, gadget outlets and instrument retailers all offer gift vouchers. Be thoughtful, and you’re bound to get it right.

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You can’t often go wrong with tickets. And who wants to go to the game alone? Buying tickets to a home game could be the perfect gift, and you get to benefit too. Just make sure you’re both free for that one! Have you ever struggled to get a great gift for a male friend? Make a great impression with one of these choices. And be memorable in the right way!

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