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Are You Instagram Ready?

The rise of social media has ensured that trends and fashions for men are firmly in focus. Male grooming has risen to the top of the agenda in ensuring that you present yourself at your absolute best. Skin care, hairstyles, and grooming products are as important as clothes in the style stakes. So how can we stay looking sharp and on-trend in 2018?insatgram, instagood, instafamouus, followers, likes, plusmalemodel, brawnmodel, bigandtallmodel, beard, groom, grooming, beardoil,


Love them or hate them beards are here to stay for 2018. There is no particular beard style that stands above the rest, although if you are planning to rock the full beard look you will be sure to make a statement. Full beards are not easy to maintain either and you will need to look after your beard by combing regularly and by using beard oil. A well-groomed full beard can look right on trend in the style stakes. Beards are fantastic for disguising areas of your face that you’re not keen on. Short beards and stubble can be shaped to disguise overly round features, double chins or can soften long, thin faces. There is an abundance of styling products specifically designed for beard care as well as a huge range of beard trimmers and shavers to ensure you maintain a well-groomed appearance. Hopefully, you will avoid looking like Santa Claus or Grizzly Adams!


The days are gone when a wash bag containing a razor, shower gel and can of deodorant suffice. Male skincare has become more and more sophisticated. Moisturizer is an absolute must, especially with all the “selfies” appearing on social media currently. It would be a travesty to ruin your look with dry, flaky skin. As male skin is more prone to being oily than female skin you need to source a moisturizer specifically designed for men, otherwise you may cause blocked pores, leading to spots and blemishes.



No outfit is complete unless you have the perfect accessories. It’s a good idea to invest in some statement pieces that will last. Classic watches are the perfect investment and If you know  where to find patek philippe malaysia watches, the style is extremely important to you. A classic watch will stand the test of time and will be a quality investment. Other accessories to consider include sunglasses, a great belt and maybe a white pocket square? 


2018 catwalks featured models with unstructured, grungy, surfer style hair, thankfully there wasn’t a “man bun” to be seen! Also, low fades, Ceaser, bald heads and locs are the current The locs hairstyle is also still very much in style. The locs style is also very flattering and can look stylish whether you prefer the clean-shaven or bearded look. The modern take on the pompadour has different lengths of back and sides, whereas traditionally the back and sides would have been scissor cut, they are just as likely to be shaven these days. A high shine pomade and strong hold hairspray is all you need to complete your look.


To conclude developing a grooming routine may not be at the top of your list of things to do, however, if you love to be in style with what you wear, there’s no point in ruining the whole look with a dodgy “last year” haircut and terrible skin. It’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. Make sure that you subscribe to the site, email us


Male grooming has never been more important in creating that perfect instagram image!  


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