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Mistakes 99.9% Percent Of Guys Make In The Gym

It’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. We are back to share some more information with you! Working out is a must if you want a strong, fit body that can handle life’s daily challenges more effectively. However, making mistakes in the gym is so common for beginners. You shouldn’t be afraid of mistakes, because then you’ll probably never start. As long as you identify the mistakes you’ve made and learn from them in the future, you’re doing a good job! However, it’ll help you to know the mistakes that 99.9% of guys make when they step foot into the gym. Take a look!

Not Defining Goals

If you don’t define your goals, you won’t know how you’re supposed to train. If you want to build muscle, then you need to lift weights. If you want to drop fat and shape up, weights and cardio, Of course, you may have different needs, which is why you need to think about what they are so you know exactly what you’re focusing on when you step foot into a gym.

Going In Without A Plan

Going to the gym without a plan can be a bit risky, too. People who do this usually just go in, mess around on a few machines and then leave. The machines can be a great addition to your workout, but they are ‘nonfunctional’ exercises and shouldn’t be the focus. Free weights should be the focus to get the best results. Make sure you know at least which body part you’re going to train when you go in and the sort of exercises you’re going to do. Better yet, write them down.

Egotistical Lifting

Egotistical lifting is tempting, but lots of men end up lifting too heavy to even get the benefit of the exercise. Lifting too heavy can either mean feeling the exercise in a different body part than it’s intended or hurting yourself because your form is all over the place. Don’t show off by trying to prove how much you can lift, and lift a weight that’s challenging but you can do for the desired number of reps. This company has more gym tips like this that could help you if you’re fairly new. When you let your ego take over, you don’t impress anybody.

Doing The Same Thing Every Day

Doing the same thing every day is going to mean that you quickly reach a plateau. Having the same plan for a month or so is fine, and even beneficial. This way, you can see how you’re improving. However, plans should be changed up.

Not Training Legs Often Enough/At All

How many guys do you see in the gym training chest and arms, but missing out legs entirely? It’s ridiculous! Not only do they have muscular upper halves and scrawny legs, they’re creating muscular imbalances. Training legs is hard, yes, but it’s important if you truly care about your fitness!

Skipping Warm-Ups And Cool Downs

A dynamic warm-up gets the blood pumping, while a cool down can help to release tension in the body part you’ve trained. They are essential parts of any warm up!


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