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Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than getting the guys (and sometimes the girls) over to watch a huge game or a big match. You get to enjoy a game that you’ve been looking forward to watching with the people that most enjoy being around, so it’s the perfect time to make sure that you’re not only having fun watching the match, but you will all have fun within each other’s company too. Luckily, you don’t have to spend the earth on a night in and in this article is going to be some ideas on how you can make a sports night in with the guys even more fun.

Do your research so you can create conversation starters.

The one thing that men like to talk about if they are into sports and the players themselves, is exactly that. Do a little research on the players that will be appearing that night and you will immediately have great conversation starters that will get everyone hyped up for the game. You could make it even more fun by finding out random and otherwise unknown facts about the teams or players so that you could question your buddies on their knowledge. For example. “Hey, remember when LeBron did this?!”.

Challenge your friends.

Why not make the game more interesting by placing light bets on your favorite players and teams? It’s likely that somewhere within your friend circle that there will be one person that has different opinions on players and teams. Head over to Betting Gods and make a bit of money on what you predict will happen! Remember though to always gamble responsibly.

Get the drinks in!

This doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol either, but as you probably know a few beers go down well with the game and the lads. Grab some booze in and get ready for a brilliant night of beers and the game! If you’re low on cash, ask your friends to bring their own drinks. That way, everyone can enjoy the drink that they want!

Order in pizza.

There’s something really special about ordering in pizza when all of your pals are around. It doesn’t have to be just you paying either, so why not prearrange for you all to chip in on a pizza while the game is on. A great way to line your stomach, especially if you’re drinking beer!

Have other activities ready for half-time, or even before and after the game.

The night shouldn’t have to end when the full-time whistle blows, so why not get some games for your pc or gaming consoles out and challenge your friends to a few friendly games. It’s a great way to get people talking and also relax from their usual days.


Consider these five ideas the next time you have the lads around for the game night and see how much more fun you will have! Remember to always drink responsibly and if any of you are driving to stay under the limit!

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