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Positive Benefits of Making Your Own “Man Cave”

Have you ever wanted a little private space of your own? Free from your partner’s cleaning and organizing and also away from your noisy kids so that you can relax and enjoy yourself in peace?

The solution to your problems could be a man cave!

The term man cave can seem like a very ugly and reclusive thing. Even just saying it makes you think of a dirty, unshaven troll stumbling out of a dark room after having done God knows what inside, but the reality is actually far from that.

What Exactly Is A Man Cave?

Let’s look at for some quick explanations of what a man cave is. The top definition describes it as a corner, room or space of a dwelling that is “specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition”. It’s a pretty good definition–at least, up until the example given.

“Tom retreated to the Man Cave to play his online rpg game.”

Sorry, but this just isn’t right! A man cave is a lot more than what people make it out to be. It’s not just a room where a man spends hours upon hours just to play video games and it’s also nothing suspicious or questionable. To put things simply, man caves are all about giving yourself some space, time and focus to enjoy something. It can be difficult to understand if you’ve never experienced it before, so in this article, we’re going to go through a couple of positive benefits of why you should make a man cave and why it’s so much more than a hiding place for reclusive men.

Man Caves Give You Space Away From The House To Indulge In Hobbies

First, let’s address one of the most common reasons why people make man caves in the first place; their hobbies. If you’ve met a man that loves to work on cars, build things with workbench tools or even just work on your fitness, then you’ll know that you need a lot of space. There are a few ways to indulge in these hobbies without having to get your own space, such as going to a park to exercise or borrowing a friend’s tools, but the reality is that you’re likely going to need a lot of space in your home to indulge in those hobbies.

This is why you need to think about building yourself a man cave. If you add woodworking tools to your garage then it’s going to take up a lot of space and you’ll get sawdust everywhere. If you want to learn to paint then you’ll need a dedicated room or corner to store all your things and prevent paint from splattering onto expensive decorations and furniture. It’s all about making a space that isolates you not because you just want peace and quiet, but because you need the extra space to enjoy your hobbies.

Man Caves Allow You To Focus On Your Goals

Sometimes, man caves are used for things like putting together a private at-home gym where you can work out without any outside distractions. Because you’re putting it in a separate part of your home, you can do things like add louder equipment, protect the floors and create as much noise as you need without distracting the others in your house. Your man cave could even be used for something like learning a new hobby, and it keeps you out of the way of your family members so you can focus specifically on the goals that you have.

People often don’t realize just how difficult it can be to focus on a goal unless you’re fully dedicated to it, and this often means getting a private space of your own so that you can focus and stop worrying about others distracting you. Man caves are ideal for people that have hobbies that require a lot of thinking, such as anything computer related or something that requires a lot of inspiration such as writing.

Man Caves Give You Something To Work Towards

You’d be surprised at how fun putting a man cave together can be. A lot of people don’t realize that saving up components to make your man cave more special can be quite motivational. A lot of men will take overtime or save money on poor habits like drinking and smoking so that they can invest more in their man cave. It could mean purchasing a brand new television for their man cave, upgrading the internet so they get faster speeds or even purchasing materials to put together a man cave in your garden, much like a shed.

It also gives you something to look forward to when you come home from work and just wants to relax, and many men find that it’s enjoyable to look for items to put in your man cave. For example, you could search for bean bag chairs at if you’re looking for interesting furniture to add to your man cave, or you could learn about all of the different types of surround sound systems in order to pick one that fits your budget and is an excellent choice for your needs.

Man Caves Can Teach You New And Important Skills

We’ve already spoken about how man caves can be the perfect place to hone your skills, but putting together a man cave can also teach you important skills that can be used elsewhere. For instance, the electrical wiring and construction required to build a man cave that is separate from your home involve a lot of work. You can study how to perform tasks like that and apply those skills to other areas of the house, such as repairing fixing lighting fixtures in the future or replacing broken shelf and cabinet parts by using your knowledge of construction.

The journey of creating and furnishing your man cave can be a long and stressful one, but at the end of it, you’ll no doubt have learned lots of unique and useful skills that can be applied to many different aspects of life.

Man Caves Let You Control Your Own Little Space

When you get married or have a partner, it’s not unlikely to give up a part of your home or even move out into a shared home with your family. You end up losing a bit of what you called “home” because you’re no longer in control of that environment that you once had, meaning you give up your own space and won’t be able to decorate your room the way you want to.

Think about it this way; aren’t there some kind of memorabilia, trophies, toys or even games that you want to show off? You can be proud to display those things in your own private space like a man cave, but do that in the living room with your partner and kids and they might think you’re having a midlife crisis. Your friends and close relatives might appreciate it, but your partner might not like it because it’s a shared home now, not just your own. If you want to express yourself and show off your interests, then you can do it in a private environment like your own man cave. If you need more advice, then this article from will help you learn more about how you can decorate your very own man cave.

Man Caves Can Also Be Shared If You Allow Them To

Man caves don’t have to be solo affairs. You can always invite friends or family members into your man cave if you feel like they’re worthy of visiting! It should sound obvious, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t let your kids in or even your entire family if you want to watch a film together in your private little area. If you have children, they’ll love to explore your man cave and listen to what you have to say about all your collections, and if you ever have friends over, you can enjoy your hobbies and hang out without getting too noisy and having your partner get annoyed.

In fact, many men put together man caves and end up showing their friends and family because they’re so proud of what they made. You don’t need to keep your man cave a secret–it can be enjoyed by anyone that you want to invite inside. Man caves make excellent places to hang out with your kids or your friends, especially if you design it so that there are multiple chairs, computers or even game consoles. Man caves can be very accessible if you allow them to be, so don’t just assume that it’s all about being solitary!

Hopefully, this article has shown you that man caves are healthy for everyone involved. It can teach you new skills, it can keep you busy, it can give you and your friends a place to unwind and it will allow you to pursue your hobbies in a controlled and personal environment.