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Pre-Workout Rituals For Men Of Size

As men of size, we have to take the appropriate methods to prepare to work out. We are larger than most, so we have to approach fitness differently.  Preparation prior to your workout is imperative!  A sloppy preparation result in sloppy execution, which can lead to uninspired training sessions, injury, or a lack of mental motivation to carry you through the workout.  If you’ve heard of the term ‘hangry’ which combines the words hungry and angry to perfectly describe the sensation of feeling angry due to being hungry,  you will understand the effect of not eating can have on our mental mood and physical performance.  These pre-workout rituals are here to point you in the right direction to having a fulfilling and effective workout.



The timing of your pre-workout meal, snack or even a supplement such as 1st Phorm depends on your unique digestion and metabolism.  In general, it’s recommended you don’t eat solid food two hours before working out in order to avoid a sudden build up lactic acid known as ‘the stitch’ which is particularly important if you’re considering incorporating swimming into your workout, as you’re more likely to get cramp if you eat prior to getting in the pool.  That said, you need to make sure you fuel your body prior to the workout as otherwise, you’ll feel lightheaded, lethargic, and unmotivated.


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It’s important to remain hydrated throughout your workout, but the keyword that is often overlooked here remains.  It’s imperative you are hydrated prior to doing your workout.  The American College of Sports Medicine recommends an amount of 20 ounces of water prior to exercise, however, what you don’t want to do is start downing water immediately before you train, as the bathroom breaks are going to distract and disrupt your workout – the trick with water is to drink little and often throughout the day to ensure a general state of hydration.  In keeping yourself hydrated you’ll be less likely to suffer muscle cramps both during your workout and afterward. 




The majority of pre-workout supplements contain caffeine and amino acids that help your veins and arteries dilate, which increases blood flow, so you’ll want to take it around thirty minutes prior to your workout so that you’ll be in a peak state of alertness for your actual workout.  A natural alternative to a caffeinated drink such as Red Bull is to have a glass of water and banana – it’ll give you a natural kick of energy that won’t be quite as sharp in terms of its peak and trough.



You’ll have likely heard a term referring to how the mind controls the body, meaning your mental state has a lot of power over how your body performs within the workout, which brings us onto the notion of “state”.  It is generally accepted that people have different emotional states that are triggered by stimuli; some of these states are helpful and contribute to our growth whilst others limit us.  If you’re starting your workout feeling it’s a chore then you’re going to get limited results – because when you feel something is a chore it doesn’t put you in a mental state where you want to go all out.


Think of how footballers and even sumo wrestlers have a pre-game ritual which is all about getting themselves into the right mental state to perform at their peak.  Whatever this is for you, decide on a trigger such as a song or a particular movement that conditions your nervous system to perform at its peak.


So, there’s some food for thought for your next workout.  In summary, make sure you fuel your body with food and water, consider taking something to help your body focus and cope with the strain it’s about to face and develop a positive mental state. It’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. 



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