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It might not be the most “manly” thing to discuss moisturizer, but the reality is that most mornings, if you are clean shaven, you will be running a sharp blade across your face that has been lying around in a bathroom, with all sorts of bacteria lurking under the surface… and as a result, us men need to take care of our skin – particularly when shaving.  Nobody likes the appearance caused by a shaving rash or ingrown hairs.  If you suffer from razor burn, also known as a shaving rash, you might want to check out this article: razor burn


The good news is that we’ve come leaps and bounds from the archaic view that boys don’t cry and it’s girly to moisturise – indeed, we are now encouraged to take care of our skin, even to the point of applying concealer to cover our tired eyes; but taking care of our skin is nothing new.  Think of the Turkish Shave experience, one of the manliest and original of all male grooming activities; where a lot of care is taken with regard to the skin, from hot towels that open up the pores to the alcohol splattered on your face to close your pores and protect from infection.


The first thing you need to consider is the razor you’re using.  In part, this comes down to the quality of the razor, and a great recommendation to check out  which is particularly good for sensitive skin.  However, it’s not just about the razor quality, it’s about how well used the razor blade itself is.  You don’t want to be hanging onto your old razor like a long lost love – you want it to glide across the surface of your skin, rather than tug at each follicle, as it grinds across your face.  The top tip, here, is to invest in a decent razor and then replenish the blades before they start tugging due to the bluntness that comes with natural wear and tear.


There are many shaving gels, foams and creams out there.  The majority of people simply pick the one that smells the nicest, is on special offer, or in reaction to an aspirational advertising campaign… but just like picking out a meal, you want to check out the ingredients on the back – ideally, you want to find something with mostly natural ingredients.


The final step is to moisturize.  Ideally, with a natural anti-inflammatory such as aloe vera, coconut oil or Baldwin.  Again, most people get which one smells the best but look to the ingredients – you want to avoid anything with numbers as this can be a harsh chemical that will actually aggravate the skin, but is full of natural ingredients.  In fact, one of the simplest ways to moisturize is to put some raw organic coconut oil on your face after you’ve shaved (and if you want brownie points before you go to sleep too).

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