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Shower on the Go with These Time Saving Products

From morning meetings to post-work happy hours, our time is precious and we don’t always have the luxury to get ready in the comfort of our personal bathrooms. So what’s the best solution for the person who never stops? On-the-go products of course! Be prepared for wherever your week takes you with Power Shower and No Sweat that are sure to make your busy schedule worry-free while leaving you feeling refreshed all day long.

Power Shower

Revive and relax with sweatWELLth’s hero product that. Yep, no water necessary. This proprietary formula quickly helps cool you down while maintaining much-needed moisture and pH levels—all thanks to feel-good ingredients such as jojoba, coconut oil, and smart antioxidants. Now, you can squeeze in everything especially when a traditional “shower” simply isn’t in the cards.

No Sweat

Designed to minimize moisture loss in the skin and hair, this signature blend will keep you cool no matter how hectic your day gets. You’ll enjoy a less drenched sensation whether your running to a meeting, fitting in a workout or dancing the night away. Its coconut oil formula delivers hydrating benefits and has antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria. It also dries quickly to cool and refresh your skin with zero solvents, alcohol, silicones, parabens, sulfates or GMOs.


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