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Stop Finding Fitness Boring

You might have been motivated when you decided to hit the gym and melt your winter shape into a fitter version of yourself, but after a few weeks’ or months’ time, fitness can get a little dull. But blame yourself for your lack of motivation. Following a strict fitness regime can be quite boring, to tell the truth.  Imagine getting up earlier to squeeze in a workout session before work. You get to the gym, fighting the urge to fall sleeping or stop for a coffee and muffin on the way. Everyone around you is literally ripped. There’s even a topless guy doing some weight lifting in the back corner. As you watch him, you can’t help but feel disenchanted. Somehow, you decide to leave before you finish your workout. You tell yourself that you fell out of love with the idea of getting fit. You don’t need to give up. Maybe the reason why your fitness program doesn’t work for you is that it isn’t quite tailored to your needs.

Don’t go to war against yourself

Many fitness programs fail because people want to see immediate results. Consequently, they start training and dieting intensively in such a way that the changes of lifestyle are too drastic. Needless to say, dramatic transformations don’t last. Instead, you need to start with the knowledge that there is a lot to change. One little step at a time in the right direction can do wonders. Allow yourself a cheat day. You need it to keep your sanity. You also need it because getting fit should never feel like a punishment. Keep yourself on track with regular photos. While you may not immediately see the changes, in the long term, you’ll notice a positive pattern.

Not a gym fan?

Not everybody is a gym fan, and that’s okay. The gym is only one of the many options available. If you can’t focus your attention to stick to routines, maybe you need to start a sports activity that keeps you interested. Have you tried free martial arts classes? They can teach you greater control of your body and mind, which can be helpful in your fitness journey. If you’re a competitive person, you could join a team to play basketball or hockey, for instance. There are plenty of amateur adult teams in sports centers, or you could even convince your friends and neighbors to create a new team.

20% what you do, 80% what you eat

Being active is only 20% of the fitness battle. What you eat plays a significant role in losing weight. Admittedly, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a variety of diet choices available. It can be helpful to check with a professional nutritionist which is best for you. Alternatively, if you want to help your metabolism burn more energy, you can try the Keto diet. A man was able to shed 88lb in 8 months, following only a moderate gym routine and a keto diet – this low carb and high-fat diet is easy to follow and leaves you satisfied. So, if you’re losing patience, you might want to give it a try! The bottom line is that fitness doesn’t have to be dull. You can adapt it to your needs and interests. There’s more than going to the gym and gulping down protein shakes! So try out new possibilities!


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