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Because of my size, at times there is an audience when I try to work out in the gym. Now, some people may feel as if they would like an audience. They may feel like it motivates them to push harder. However, speaking for myself I do not like an audience. Or the comments “you usually don’t see big men on the bar.” Or the comments before I pull up “you need to use weights.” Or being teased when I run or do any type of cardiovascular exercises. (Yes, I hear jokes when I run. But, I can’t let them stop me.) Then there are those who watch your entire workout and want to give unnecessary pointers. We both looked at the same YouTube channel. We both saw the same videos and received the same information. Don’t recite the information you recently saw to try and sound like an expert. Our body structures are clearly different. We can tell you focus on your abdominal muscles.

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It’s assumed that I am too heavy to do certain exercises. Believe it or not, I am not concerned with the opinions of others. I would rather simply to work out in peace. So, after dark I try to go to a playground with the apparatuses for calisthenics.
I try and work out with out the watchful eye of the naysayers, the critics, the hecklers and the experts. I am a lot more focused alone when I work out.

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So on occasion I head to the playground after dark to be alone. So my “big ass” can do pull ups on the bar. (There are many scaffolds in Brooklyn at this point. Many companies are trying to build and capitalize on the “change” that Brooklyn is going through. One person told me “get off the bar before you pull the whole building down.” #HowSway)

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Even the police stop me and question if I am participating in illegal activities. No, Mr. officer, I am just trying to lose weight. I know I can look intimidating at times, but presently I am trying to strengthen my heart, my body and my mind. The purpose of this post is to inspire all those like my self that can relate in some shape form or fashion. Don’t stop the fight! Thanks for stopping by the ‘curb, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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