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Kavah King Of The Gentlemen’s Curb
With S.O.S. Denim
Photo Credit: PapiShotIt

The Gentlemen’s Curb

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As an Audi fan, you probably think there’s a fair bit of bias here! On the contrary, there’s a reason why this blog is all about Audi and not Mercedes, VW, BMW – or any other car manufacturer. The simple fact of the matter is that this German car brand is the best, it’s better than all the rest!

If you need some convincing, there are are a few reasons to buy an Audi in 2019:

3 Reasons Audi’s Are Better Than All The Rest

Setting The Standards For Car Tech

We all know that technology is absolutely thriving in modern automobiles. But, it’s a fact that Audi is ahead of the mainstream competition. Their latest releases are packed full of some of the most advanced technology you’ll ever see. From making the driving experience much more comfortable to safety tech that means you’ll never be calculating the cost of a car accident ever again; they have everything. It’s fair to say that most manufacturers are simply trying to catch up with Audi at this point. So, if you want a car with tomorrows tech today, then buy an Audi.

A Car For Everyone

Audi just has the most impressive lineup of cars you’ll see on the market. There’s quite literally a car to suit every driving style and one for every type of person. If you need a supermini to drive through cities, then the Audi A1 is perfect for you. If you need a family car, then you have so many options in the form of pretty much everything from the A3 up to the Q8. Fancy an electric vehicle? Then check out the video below to see the new E-Tron in action. Want a supercar that turns heads? Then the R8 fits the bill. Or, for a fast sports car that’s highly affordable, you have the classic TT. There are no two ways about it; Audi has the best roster of cars out there right now, and there’s bound to be an option for you.

Impeccable Style & Quality

Everything about these cars is stylish. With some brands, you almost don’t know what you’re going to get. It could be a hit or a miss; you’re making a gamble. With Audi, you’re only ever going to get quality. Even their adverts are of extremely high quality! I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a genuinely negative review for an Audi car yet. Every single model serves a purpose, and you’ll regularly find a car from this manufacturer in the Top 10 lists for each vehicle type. Visually speaking, every model is absolutely stunning and sets a new standard for how cars should look. The Audi grille and LED lights are becoming iconic, and it’s no wonder that they’re used for so many corporate cars! If you want to look good and turn heads, then get an Audi.


If I had the time, I could go on all day about what makes this brand so unique. But, these are my top three reasons Audi are better than all the rest. If you’re looking to buy a new car in 2019, then there’s really only one place to look.