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The Gentlemen’s Curb is a blog that is geared towards fashion and fitness for men of size. As a man of size, there are many stereotypes that I am faced with. One popular stereotype is that men of size are clumsy. Another stereotype is that men of size aren’t the most intelligent, but are brutes. We can go further, but stereotypes are damaging. Negative stereotypes simply prevent human growth. But,what’s life without variety?



I guess a man over six feet and over three hundred pounds can be menacing. I can be menacing, to those that don’t know me.I guess it’s all about perspective. I am assumed to be a thief. Too many times when I am walking people grab their purses and clutch their belongings. Don’t let me enter an elevator with people, some people become very uncomfortable.

Just because I prefer to wear a hooded sweatshirt, does not mean I have the intent to do something malicious. Marvel’s Netflix series “Luke Cage” took a black man in a hooded sweatshirt, something that seemed so menacing into a champion of the people. And the most impressive part is that he was bulletproof. A bulletproof black man when black men have been murdered by police. I had to throw¬†on one of my favorites, a hooded sweatshirt, especially for this post. What I enjoy is viewed as menacing and threatening by many. How are my clothes threatening?


Black Lives Matter?

If conditions were better, there wouldn’t be a cry to preserve black life.
Some cases remind me of the movie “Judge Dredd” where the law enforcement became the judge, the jury, and executioner. Men have been murdered on camera in front of their families. Men have been murdered for the world to witness. The body’s of men have laid in the street rotting in front of the world, with no regard or respect for human life. The news of hearing an unarmed black man killed by police has become the norm. The news of the murder is spread, then outage happens. Then the protests come and afterward the person murdered becomes a hashtag for a few weeks. Then it’s business as usual for most of America. But, the families of those murdered are forced to deal with the trauma.

This isn’t a “hate” post, but this post is to raise awareness about a problem where innocent people are being murdered by police. These men didn’t deserve to die? At what point will we recognize that all human life is valuable?



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