Faux Furs & Chauffers On The ‘Curb

The Gentlemen’s Curb

Kavah King of The Gentlemen’s Curb. Photo By Enoch Purnell

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Think Pink

Kavah King of The Gentlemen’s Curb. Photo By Enoch Purnell

Believe It or not pink is one of my favorite colors. The color fits, especially in the wintertime. Being 6’2 and over 300lbs does have some advantages. I found a faux fur coat and decided to pair it with an NYC staple. For those that don’t know a pair of construction Timberlands are a New York City staple. Not butters, just construction Timbs.
So, we’re going to be a bit more flagrant. I could see myself wearing this faux fur coat with no shirt. I will be seating, but sometimes we gotta flex.

Groin Strain

For this that don’t know, I had to take off a whole month from the gym and working out. I had a whole lot of conversations with myself. I needed time to heal. Even though it was necessary, I was humbled. I couldn’t move the same way that I normally did. It was difficult to lift my leg. I couldn’t run up any stairs. Riding the NYC subway was insane! It was bad. I couldn’t get a full erection either. Maybe that’s too much information, but it’s the truth. My esteem was down. At times I even panicked, for obvious reasons. I was too focused on filming instead of paying attention to my posture.


So, we’re out here! Make sure that you lock in with us. Fashion, body positivity, and everything in between. Make sure that you email us too kavah.king@gentlemenscurb.com Until next time, it’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way.


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