Five Gifts For A Man Under $100

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Ladies, I have a confession. I know it may break some hearts. I know I may get a horde of “unfollows” from some of the beautiful women on my timeline. But, this has to be said. We don’t want socks anymore. If men have to be creative when it comes to gift giving, then women need to be a bit more creative too. If you are taking offense to this, you shouldn’t. Don’t Take Offense At All. The purpose of this post is to provide assistance. Because some times the gifts that you’re giving isn’t it, Sis.

The Holidays

With Hanukkah ?, Kwanzaa and Xmas are approaching. You might be scrambling around to find the perfect gift for a guy that isn’t a tie, a pair of socks or a robe. ??‍♂️(I know those are some of the go-to gift ideas, but this ain’t Sis.) Cooking is great, but Sis there can be a bit more.

The Gentlemen’s Curb At The G-Shock Press Event


G-Shock has some great selections all for under 100. Quite a few of the pieces are solar-powered and the battery will last up to 10 years. That’s a steal for $100! There are pricer options, but you can’t go wrong for $100.

Kavah King Of The Gentlemen’s Curb
Shirt By The Winston Box.
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The Winston Box

Why would I suggest a subscription-style box? “Kavah, you’re bugging. I am not going to pay for something monthly! TWB has some amazing pieces all under $100. It’s rare that you can find quality clothes for that price too. Get a few pieces and keep it pushing!


There are a bunch of quality headsets for under $100. There are a variety of blue tooth, noise-canceling, etc. Make sure that you get a rechargeable one too! Below is a great idea! They will definitely love the opportunity to cancel out the noise. Trust Me.


Gift Cards

Or if you can’t decide you may want to get the special man in your life a gift card. That way you they can purchase whatever they wish to purchase. That way they can purchase everything that they want. It’s a whole lot easier than playing a guessing game. Place the ball in the man’s court.


Grooming varies from man to man. Each man has different standards or levels of grooming. But, one thing for sure is that when its time to show out, we show out! A great grooming gift under $100 is Release By Karan. They provide an assortment of products to fit men’s grooming needs. Items such as beard care. You know what to see for yourself. There is a beard wash available too. You can find the beard kit here.

Did We Miss Anything?

Let me know! I am definitely going to do some more round-ups that highlight some affordable fashion especially for men of size. If we missed anything make sure that you email us Also, send an email or leave a comment if you loved the post. There is more on the way! It’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. Love.









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