JCPenney, Shaq Launch Big & Tall Model Search

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The Gentlemen’s Curb with Shaquille O’Neal
Photo Credit: Lylah Levi

The Gentlemen’s Curb

It’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way. I hope that everything is well with y’all since we last spoke. Before we get any further, feel free to email inquiries for any information or inquiries. Also, check out our Big & Tall look book here. (Let us know your thoughts on the project too.)


A few months ago we had the opportunity to work with JCPenney and their partnership with Shaquille O’Neal’s XLG line. As started in the post, I was excited especially because These was a suit that didn’t make me feel limited and or restricted as a man of size. I am about 6’1 and weight about 324 pounds. So, you know I don’t want to feel like I am in a straight jacket in my clothes. And most importantly the clothing is super affordable. Great clothes at low prices is a dream.

Wilhelmina Contest

Recently Shaq XLG/JCPENNEY teamed up with Wilhelmina to have a contest for big and y’all men. This. Is. Super. Dope. Wilhelmina is know for having a bunch of diverse models on their roster. I think it’s dope that big & tall men now have an opportunity to flourish in the realm of modeling.
Now is your chance to purse your modeling goals! Have you ever felt as if there wasn’t enough representation? You wanted to be an advocate for men of size? Here is your chance!

Here Is How To Join: 

Wilhelmina Titan Big & Tall Model Requirements

Though you can get full details below, here is what Shaq, JCPenney and Wilhelmina are looking for in a potential Titan:

  • Minimum Big & Tall Profile
    • Height: 5’11”+
  • Big & Tall Sizing
    • Shirts:
      • Neck: minimum: 18.5”; maximum: 20”
      • Sleeve: minimum: 36×37”; maximum: 38×39”
    • Pants:
      • Waist: minimum: 42”; maximum: 60”
      • Inseam: minimum: 29” maximum: 34”
    • Suit/Jacket Size:
      • Short: 50-60”
      • Regular: 50-64”
      • Long: 50-64”

Click Here To Submit For The Contest: Shaq, JCPenney, Wilhelmina Models

Yes, I am going to apply myself. Why Not? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I will keep you guys posted as to what happens. This is a great stride for ALL men. I am a little nervous. I am doubting myself just a little bit, but I am still going forward. I want to thank everyone that sent a personal message through text or social media telling me to try my hand at this contest. You will definitely be kept up to date as far as my process. Prayers Up!

Until next time it’s The Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way.