Large Lad “Bloggerversary” Special

We Are Still Celebrating!

Yes! We are still celebrating our blogger anniversary and guess who benefits?! You! This year has been a great year. I never thought I would be a blogger, a voice for the big and tall, plus male community. There have been many times where I wanted to quit, there were times where I didn’t see the benefits, but a part of me recognized that consistency is key. Here we are today! We are celebrating all month long!

Large Lad Clothing

Large Lad Clothing took a huge gamble on a very new and ambitious blogger. I think that the company got more than they bargained for. We helped Large Lad reach major publications and did our best to raise awareness of the brand and the “brotherhood” of the Large Lad community.

We are partnering with Large Lad Clothing once again. We are offering deals with all of the brands we have partnered with this year, celebrating our accomplishment. Large Lad is a huge supporter of the Gentlemen’s Curb and we were appointed to be one of the brand’s ambassadors. Be sure to view our previous posts of Large Lads here. 

With our partnership, with Large Lads, we want to make sure that our readers can benefit from the celebration. If you use the code Gentlemen’s Curb, you will receive 20% of your order. We hope that you will be around as we head into our second year. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email: Or you can leave a comment below. Give us some feedback or some ideas if you want us to review a product. Until next time, it’s the Gentlemen’s Curb a lifestyle blog where fashion meets fitness in a BIG way.