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Too Big For What?

Can a person over 300 pounds do calisthenics? Can a man of size do calisthenics? Can brawn men, big and men and plus men do pull-ups? When I first started to make some changes in my life, I was met with resistance. It started watching a video of some men performing calisthenics on a pull-up bar. I was intrigued! I was impressed. I marveled the way the men and women seemed to suspend their bodies in the air, I marveled at the way the moved their bodies so effortlessly. I felt it would be a great change for me to start working out in the park, instead of all the attention and “coaching” I received in the gym.

Kavah King of The Gentlemen’s Curb

Go Hard Or Go Home.

So the next day, I got my water, I made sure my phone was charged and I walked to the nearest park with fitness apparatuses. I started stretching, I turned my music up and started to work. Well, at least what I thought was work! I tried to perform a pull-up and I couldn’t! I was met with snickers from the other men that worked out in the park. A few of them said to me “big guys like you don’t come out here.” “You should go to the gym.” I felt defeated and I decided to head home. The next day I had a long talk with myself. I charged myself with the thought process that you have to crawl before you walk.

I began with a process that helped my pull-up process, you can review the post here: Too Big For What?Too Big For What Pull-Up 102, and Too Big For What Pull-Up 103.

For all of our readers, your goals aren’t unattainable. We are all at the point where we have to crawl again. When we were born we got a lot of bumps and bruises trying to walk. In life, we are faced with those challenges in our lives. Let’s work, it isn’t going to be easy. Let’s inspire and motivate each other. Until next time, leave a comment or an email and let us know what you think. Email us:

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