The Maximus Box Anniversary Celebration- GentlemensCurb Plus Male Blogger

“Bringing Sexy Back For Big And Tall Men.”

Maximus Box is definitely “bringing sexy back for big and tall.” Since the Gentlemen’s Curb is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion and fitness for big and tall, plus size and brawn men. It was only right that the Gentlemen’s Curb would partner with a brand that caters to men of size exclusively.  You can read the post here.

Mozel Tov! It’s A Celebration! Use Discount Code: GCurb20

For the Gentlemen’s Curb “bloggerversary,” we are partnering once again with the Maximus Box for this celebratory occasion. I am extremely excited that I can’t wait to share this with our audience!

The Maximus Box Has Personal Stylists To Accommodate You!

If you haven’t tried the Maximus Box now is the perfect opportunity to try a style box for men of size. That’s right! The Maximus Box is a style box that is curated by the personal stylists of the Maximus box just for you. A survey is given so that your personal tastes can be met. If you like a certain color, the Maximus Box can make sure that you are accommodated.

The Maximus Box is a brand that has the styling aspects for men of size made easy. The Maximus Box also provides socks! Yes, socks. Men with large feet! I am a size 15 shoe myself, I am sure that I am not the only man of size that has a hard time finding socks. We like different types of socks too. Make sure that you visit Maximus Box, use the discount too. Until next time, the Gentlemen’s Curb is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion and fitness in a BIG way. Leave a comment below or email us

Make sure that you sign up today! You can use the discount code of GCurb20 to take part in the festivities and utilize one of the only stylists from big and tall, brawn men and plus size men.

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